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Registration for 2022-2023 Weekends in the Country Overnights is open and all sessions are full. We are accepting registrations to the waiting list. Weekend Overnights run from Saturday morning through Sunday afternoon. Please refer to the Registration policies under the "Forms and Information" link above for more details.

If you are interested in Summer Camp or Weekends in the Country Recreation & Respite for a new camper, please fill out a "New Camper Application" by clicking Register Online to create an account, then clicking on New Camper Application and submitting the designated information. Please note that we are not actively approving new campers at this time.

Get Acquainted dates will be announced when available.
Summer Camp 2023 registration will open at a later date.

Summer Camp
2023 Dates

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Weekends in the Country Overnights

10/1-10/2 * Survivor

You’ll need strategy when it comes to this weekend! Get your group together and complete a packed day of challenges, make a tiki necklace, play a lot of games and get the points you need to see the camp council. We’ll count up everyone’s totals before we dance the night away and celebrate!

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10/15-10/16 * Shake, Rattle & Roll

This weekend is brought to you by the Horizons Hall of Fame. Highly requested, Elvis IS in the building!! We will dance along to Elvis in a Zumba class and create a fabulous bedazzled collage inspired by his signature getup! With the King of Rock and Roll by our side, there’s no way we can go wrong!

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10/29-10/30 * A Buncha Hocus Pocus!

Don’t be fooled….there’s no fright here, just a buncha fun! Can your group make the most creative jack-o-lantern?? It’s not Halloween at camp without a party! Get your fortune told, play carnival games, win prizes! End your day with a dance party and…Hocus Pocus!

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11/12-11/13 * Out of this World!

Rocket to camp this weekend and build your very own astronaut photo booth, you’ll be put through your paces in the space ranger agility test and don’t forget the experiments you’ll conduct throughout your mission!

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11/19-11/20 * Once Upon a Time

Choose your storyline as we explore all of the greatest tales! Make and bind your own story book with illustrations by you! Dive into the world of fairytales, poetry, fiction and more! Of course, we will celebrate Thanksgiving together with a meal fit for Goldilocks. Do you fancy yourself as a hero who saves the day or a villain who tries to take over?

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12/3-12/4 * Beginner's Luck

Play to win!! Maybe making a dice gift box will give you the edge you need to win when we play yahtzee. Make a lucky scratcher to spread the wealth!! Are you feeling lucky??

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12/17-12/18 * Perfect Picks

A Camp Horizons hall of fame pick, our long time staff members will pick their favorite Holiday activities from over the years and then…add a little spice. You’ll experience a hodge podge of the best weekend activities and help us choose things throughout our time together. Do you think we’ll play Dreidel or maybe sing Carols? You’re in for the best of the best!

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12/31-1/1 * The 3rd Millenium NYE Party

We are going to party like it’s the year 2000! Dance to all the hits from Outkast and BSB, play retro games like twister, visit the silver photo booth and pose. Your table will have highlights of the best 00’s trends. Wear a funky outfit for a funky fun New Years Eve Night!! ***Note that pricing for this overnight reflects additional fees***

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1/14-1/15 * Welcome to the Magic Kingdom

If you can dream it, you can do it! Build your dream castle, paint your favorite character, play some trivia and do all things Disney!!

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1/28-1/29 * Great Gatsby

Sure, you know the secret password to get into the Camp Horizons speakeasy, but do you know the way out? You’ll make vintage style art, learn the charleston, wear hints of gold at the dance and party with your friends!!

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2/11-2/12 * Pop (p)Art-y!

We are going all out and creating a vibrant valentine’s weekend! There will be a mad science lab with lots of color and experiments of the heart, we’ll look into Andy Warhol’s work and add a twist when you create your own Valentine’s day card and then you’ll see a sea of color at the dance with glow sticks! Let your true colors show!

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2/25-2/26 * #Horizons

If social media is your game, we are calling your name! Try all things trending this weekend. Dance challenges, the latest music, use funny filters….even our taste buds will be in style!

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3/11-3/12 * Now you see me...

Come to the great Camp Horizons show of wonder to learn some tricks, make art of illusion and learn the behind the scenes secrets! Try to find a four leaf clover to give you the luck of St. Patrick, maybe he’ll even help you with your magic!

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3/25-3/26 * Hoops & Hops

Rebound from the cold and do all the spring things this weekend!! Work on your jump shot and participate in an egg hunt! Get your head in the game and pick out which teams will win March Madness!! Maybe we’ll even catch a game.

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4/1-4/2 * Canyons, Creeks & Camping

It’s not quite camping weather, so we are going to bring nature to us. Let’s make a cardboard forest, see how fast you can set up a tent inside and sing campfire songs. You’ll learn some outdoor skills and DIY a camping candle. Nature is calling!!

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4/15-4/16 * We are all Shining Stars

Everywhere you look you’ll see stars making a name for themselves. We’ll sing, dance, try trick shots and DIY! You’ll be ready to take the stage at the dance party judging. Will your talent earn you 5 stars?

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4/29-4/30 * Ahoy, Mateys!

ARGHH! It’s time for our voyage to end. We will use the sand from lake Probus to make artwork, walk the plank in the pirates only fitness club and bring on summer air with the first campfire of the season!

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