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Registration for 2023-2024 Weekends in the Country Overnights is filled. Please feel free to add your registration to the waiting list. Weekend Overnights run from Saturday morning through Sunday afternoon. Please note that New Year's Eve this year falls on a Sunday so that overnight will be Sunday-Monday and includes an extra charge as we are partying until midnight! Please refer to the Registration policies under the "Forms and Information" link above for more details.

If you are interested in Summer Camp or Weekends in the Country Recreation & Respite for a new camper, please fill out a "New Camper Application" by clicking Register Online to create an account, then clicking on New Camper Application and submitting the designated information. Please note that we are not actively approving new campers at this time.

Get Acquainted dates will be announced when available.
Summer Camp 2024 registration will be open in January.

Summer Camp
2024 Dates **registration opens in January
June 16-June 29
June 30-July 13
July 21-August 3
August 4-August 17

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Weekends in the Country Overnights
2023-2024**registration is FULL

9/30-10/1 * Bee-sy Bees

We'll be a-buzz all weekend long, learning about pollination in Science and generating a totally unique honeycomb in Art. Join our special guest bee aficionados, the Heimalls to learn even more! There'll bee more fun and games with a nectar relay, finger puppets and a basketball game to make the Hornets proud!

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10/14-10/15 * Colors of the Wind

The leaves are changing....but how? Let's find out in the lab! Test the wind with your own weathervane, plus produce your own colors of the wind with acrylics. Finally see how many colors you can find in nature with the paint card scavenger hunt!

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10/28-10/29 * Boos and Blues

Prepare yourself for Cousin It's favorite Halloween Party! We'll play games, escape the Jazz Club and create our version of "I got the Blues".

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11/11-11/12 * Wild Wild West

Howdy do!! Let's get ready to square up and dance! Create a cow print, visit the saloon and break a sweat, head over to the rodeo to play some games and do your rootinest tootinest best!

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11/18-11/19 * Welcome to the Jungle

Test out your rock and roll knowledge and get ready to head bang this weekend!! We are going to play all of the hair bands, work on our muscles and party like rock stars!!

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12/2-12/3 * Holiday "Pep"eration

It's the most wonderful time of the year, we'll prove it! Make a mansion out of gingerbread, play a game with gifts and your friends, write some well wishes for the holiday season to strangers to get yourself in the spirit!

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12/16-12/17 * Time of My Life

What kind of year would it be if we didn't reflect on all of the good times we've had? We will make a camp wide collage of photos from past weekends (and summer!) to make a piece of history that is shared with the future generations of campers. Let's dance, sing and have a great time, nobody puts Camp Horizons in the corner! Your group will prepare an act to remember for the last talent show of 2023!!

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12/31-1/1 *New Year's Eve Around the World

Will you sit in England, Africa or maybe Canada? Let's count down the New Year around the world with games, dancing and a whole worldwide celebration, all from the Commons!! **Note this overnight is SUNDAY December 31st through MONDAY January 1st and includes a full New Year's Eve party (i.e. we party until midnight!)**

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1/13-1/14 * Dance 'Til you Drop

Learn and perform dances of the legends-Elvis, Beyonce and even Michael Jackson! We will dig into the iconic musicals as well with a workout to keep our feet moving all weekend long!

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1/27-1/28 * Winter Mix-Up

It's chilly outside but we are staying warm with some summer activities! We'll make some (moon) sand castles, pump some iron in a beach themed workout, make amazing bubble art and finally figure out snow storms work in the science lab! You'll really think it's summer camp when we take center stage to play minute to win it!

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2/10-2/11 * Us + Camp = Perfect Match

Celebrate Valentine's Day in style at Camp Horizons! Find your match in a giant memory game, learn about symmetry, then create some art and learn more about the friends you see at weekends by playing a game that asks the important questions!

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2/24-2/25 * A Royal Affair

Your group will build a castle. Make it strong, because you'll also build a slingshot to try to knock the others down! Your kingdom will be known by making your crest in art. Then try your hand at jousting! Will you be crowned King or Queen of the ball??

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3/9-3/10 * The Golden Age

Go from zero to hero in a Greek hero training camp! Style your very own wearable symbol of triumph, a laurel wreath and paint a breathtaking Greek vase in Art! Learn about mythical allusions with a Language Arts activity!

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3/23-3/24 * Defending Champs

Hip Hip Hooray!! Welcome back to another championship of a weekend!! Compete in the basketball game, groove to jock jams and guess which team will take it all!

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4/6-4/7 * Spring Fling

Get your green thumb into the garden, design a vase filled with florals art piece and become one with nature by dancing around your friends.

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4/20-4/21 * Endless Summer

Get into the spirit of summer with all of the activities you know and love-Campfire, Arts, Pioneering, Science and more! We are so excited to share a piece of summer with YOU!

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