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Horizons is an equal opportunity employer. This isn't just a thing we say -- it's a thing we live every day. It's the very reason for our existence. We strive to find the best in ourselves, each other, and those we serve. If this motivates you too, join us!

What does it mean to work at Horizons?

Whether your employment is for a summer, a first job out of college or for an entire career, a job at Horizons means you are part of an energetic and creative team culture. It means you are given the opportunity to share your passions and gifts with others.

You'll become a builder of healthy relationships - a mentor, a buddy, a friend. And it means you'll learn the satisfaction of knowing that what you do every day truly makes a difference.

Learn more and apply for a position by checking out the opportunities above.

Why do we work at Horizons?

"...because it is a diverse organization open to individuals from different cultures as well as those with different disabilities."
-- Ru