Equity, Diversity Inclusion and Justice Statement

Horizons, born in the late ‘70s, was the dream of two special education teachers emerging as part of the major social change movement to respect the human rights of children and adults with developmental disabilities. We hire people from all over the world to work in our Summer Camp and many find careers at Horizons. Cultivating diversity and equity has been inherent in our person centered approach and in the development of our organization.

To be engaged, you must feel included and valued. We’re passionate about creating a workspace that promotes and values diversity and equity. We are committed to moving Horizons forward. It takes diversity of thought, culture, background, and perspective to create a truly equitable work environment.

We are committed to achieve and sustain a diverse and equitable working environment. Horizons, along with the global community, is not immune to the realities of racism, racial injustice, and the historical inequitable practices toward marginalized members of society. We pledge ourselves to the following