Golf Tournament


How it Works: You don’t need to be a golfer or even like golf to participate in our outing. Simply make a pledge of ten cents or more per Birdie made during the outing tournament.   At the conclusion of the event the total number of Birdies will be calculated and an invoice will be mailed to you for your pledge amount.  All pledges collected will be applied to our Campaign for Campers fund, which directly benefits our campers!

Last year 128 birdies raised $ 5,103.00 for Campers!

If we have 30 groups playing and they get 5 Birdies per group, your total pledge would be based on 150 Birdies:

10 cent pledge x 150 Birdies = $15.00 donation
25 cent pledge x 150 Birdies = $37.50 donation
50 cent pledge x 150 Birdies = $75.00 donation
75 cent pledge x 150 Birdies = $112.50 donation
$1.00  pledge x 150 Birdies = $150.00 donation
$1.50  pledge x 150 Birdies = $225.00 donation
$2.00  pledge x 150 Birdies = $300.00 donation

* One Final Shot Pledge*
A one-time pledge of $101.00 to celebrate and support our “One Final Shot” at virtual tournament play.

Thank you to our tournament sponsors to date:

Green Jacket
Parkos/Moran Family
Diamond Tee Sponsor
Golden Tee Sponsor
Eastern Connecticut State University
Leader Board Sponsor
Smith Brothers Insurance
Alison & Todd Lentocha
Photo Gallery Sponsors
McGrath Women's Champion
McGrath Family
Auction Sponsors
Silver Tee Sponsor
The Norwich Griffins
Tournament Champion Sponsors
Bearingstar Insurance
White Tee Sponsor
Scorecards Sponsors
Joyce Burdick
Back Nine Sponsor
James Carboni Plumbing & Heating
Together 40 more Sponsors
Tee It Up Sponsors
Crista Adamson
Soroptimist International
Huntington Financial Group
Virtual Tee Sponsors
Robin & Bob Laudette
Mary Alice McNaboe
Landon's Tire