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    Courtney Osten

    So far this summer, visitors to Horizons include US Representative Joe Courtney and State Senator Cathy Osten. We are so appreciative of their taking the time to observe the work we do and meet the folks we support! Thank you!

  • DAV 8806Thank you, Connecticut Columbiettes!

    The generosity of the Connecticut State Columbiettes over the years has helped many, many campers attend Camp Horizons. We were thrilled to welcome four Columbiettes to summer camp recently and show them around. MORE HERE

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  • WD7 9124 InkCT's Profile of Horizons

    See Caryn B. Davis's new story about Horizons with photos HERE.

    InkCt is "Connecticut's beautiful coffee table style magazine" with an equally beautiful website.

    More about ink publications finer living logo 300x163 HERE.

  • SmallSummer Means Visitors!

    With camp in full swing, Jacob Easley ll, dean of Eastern's School of Education & Professional Studies, took a tour, learned about what we do, and discussed future partnership possibilities. MORE HERE


    It was a glorious intake day and a fantastic start to our 37th summer!

    See CAMP PHOTOS for more pictures from Intake Day.

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Kerri Art Studio & Gallery


Seeing the Horizon: Campaign '16-'18

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27th Annual Golf Tournament


You are invited! On Monday, August 1st, 2016, friends and associates of Horizons will gather at 

The Windham Club for our annual golf tournament for the benefit of Horizons. 

Highlights of the best ball (scramble format) tournament include dinner and a cocktail reception, door prizes, golf awards for best team scores, closest-to-the-pin and longest drive, plus a pre-tournament putting contest. Polish up your putter and get ready to win! 


CoLoR UnCoRkEd - Uncork your creative side!


Book tickets online at www.kerriquirk.com/coloruncorked/
Location: Kerri ArtStudio and Gallery, 861 Main St, Willimantic, CT 06226


  • Chuck Sauer"...because I want the opportunity to interact with people and help them on a daily basis.”
  • LaSal Jordan
     "...because Horizons gives opportunities to people with developmental disabilities in all aspects of their life, promoting hard work and success."
  • vanessa ortiz
    "...because I've worked at other jobs that have not been fulfilling. Horizons is a genuine place of care and I want to be a part of it."
  • Nicholas Green
     "...because I want to make a difference in people’s lives and help them out."
  • ru
    "...because it is a diverse organization open to individuals from different cultures as well as those with different disabilities."
  • Seth Grunwald"...because I love to help others and gain experience in all fields."
  • Burns Ciara"...because I want to be part of something bigger."

  • Michael
    "...because I am ready and eager for new challenges."
  • Kelly Holden
    "...because I admire the work they do on an individual and community basis."
  • Jonathan
    "...because being part of a team that supports people gives me pleasure and happiness."
  • Ed Adelman"...because, after 30 years as a special ed teacher, it gives me the chance to continue working closely with people to help them be successful."
  • Roger Roberge
    "... because I had the opportunity to see the pride people showed in what they were doing & I said to myself, That’s a company I want to be a part of."
  • Blanca Alejo de Peralta
    "...because Horizons treats their employees with professionalism. And the best part is that Horizons is making a positive change in people's lives."
  • Anna Caruso
    "...because I was drawn to the energy. I am able to utilize all my talents to help reveal the talents and gifts of others.”
  • Steve
    "...because it is an incredible organization that changes the lives of everybody involved.”
  • rachel
    "...because I’m a giver and believe that there is more happiness in giving than receiving.
  • lilia
     "...because I like the way the interests of staff and individuals are matched to create successful bonds."
  • Thomas
    "...because everyone deserves the opportunity for a life of happiness and excellence."
  • Kathleen
    "...because I love to work with individuals, helping them to reach their goals."
  • William
    "...because I love the interactions between people here and the friendly and loving environment that their interactions create."
  • Shelby
    "...because I want to help others and make a difference in their lives."
  • Joanna
    "...because it is a great place to come back to - to see all the changes with the same mission statement."
  • Maria
    "...because Horizons focuses on providing person centered opportunities and practices positive programming."
  • Adrian
    "...because I want to learn from others and contribute my life skills to improve the quality of other people's lives."
  • Alexandra
    "...because Horizons is the place to be to help others be their best."
  • Luis
    "...because I want to make a difference in someone's life."
  • Sarah
    "...because of its strong focus on enriching people's lives and increasing their skills and independence."
  • Lisa T"...because I hope to develop new friendships, relationships and opportunities to grow."

  • Capture"...because of its person-centered philosophy and overall positve energy coming from the individuals who are supported and who work here."

  • 12"...because I want to create and develop meaningful relationships with people, relationships that make a positive impact on our lives."

  • connor"...because Horizons became my second home, and the individuals I have been privileged to work with have become my second family."

  • emily g"...because I have the chance to help others achieve their goals and dreams."

  • nicole p"...because I am passionate about helping others and excited to work in a positive environment."

  • KelseyF copy
    "...because every day will be unique."
  • pattie"...because I believe that Horizons is a fun and loving place to work."

  • ralph"...because I want to be somewhere I can grow and help the people around me have the best life possible."

  • stacy b"...because Horizons gives me a chance to be a part of an environment that has positivity and acceptance, and to meet and work with unique individuals."

  • zach j"...because not only do I want to teach and make a difference, but I also want to make a difference in my own life by learning from others."

  • Krystal B copy
    "...because I will learn a lot and I can see this becoming my career."
  • LeeD copy
    "...because I care about people and I can help to make a good change in others."
  • Devannie Cesar
    "...because I'm excited to be a part of other people's success."
  • Sarah Castleberry
    "...because I will learn more about who I am and how my contribution can impact the lives of others."
  • ZachH copy
    "...because I like to help people and make a significant difference in someone's life."
  • christopher croce
    "...because it's a place where I can bring joy and peace of mind."
  • macayla baker
    "...because I hope to positively contribute to the success and accomplishments of others."
  • Tiffany Lemire
    "...because I hope to gain a new perspective in the healthcare field."
  • Picture1"...because I like being around people who love what they do. Everyone is always so happy!"
  • MorganF copy
    "...because I can use my teaching skills and background in a new way."
  • ChrisG copy"...because I look forward to new experiences."

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