Mission in Action

  • EmmaSpring Means New Growth!

    With the help of Supported Employment & Options, Emma Gallmeyer has landed a new job in the Eastbrook Mall Shoppers Haven. Emma, pictured here with store manager Chevaun Anderson, works as a cashier and stock clerk twenty hours a week. "I love this job!" says Emma.


    Alyssa Domian has been a part of Horizons Educational Support Services for two years. She has worked in a variety of positions and done an amazing job of preparing for her life as an adult in the working world. To see Alyssa's portfolio of Professional Experiences, CLICK HERE.


  • Horizons 16 2

    NON-Profits Week 2014

    Horizons made its annual visit to the Legislative Office Building in Hartford recently to take part in Connecticut Nonprofits Week.

  • Elaine Nicholson winning big at the casino - taken by Casey MahoneySL Happenings


    The folks in Supported Living know all about having fun and enjoying themselves. Sometimes that means an evening out with friends, as was the case recently for Elaine Nicholson, seen here winning big in the games arcade at Mohegan Sun.



  • ShawnsNewChair 640x512MILESTONES: Two Birthdays, A New Wheelchair, A New Job, A New Class

    Day to day at Horizons there are countless instances of steps taken, progress made and dreams realized. Sometimes they’re big, other times more modest.

  • MilnevisitMilne Family Leads the Way to New Heights

    Three Milnes – George, Carol & Adam – stopped by recently to see the progress made by the amazing team of Carlin Construction & the Feazell brothers on the new Horizons Commons building. Together in a Lull forklift with Horizons CEO, Chris McNaboe, they rose above the dining-hall-in-progress and Sharpie-ed their signatures on to one of the roof trusses. The Duncan Milne-designed building should be fully enclosed by Christmas.

    Click Here to see all the Project Photos, more Live Web Cams, and Timelapses!

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Bringing Horizons to Light

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Excitement builds as the Commons takes shape! The progress has beeen stunning! The building is enclosed, the roof is shingled, and windows are being installed. The siding goes up shortly. Interior and finishing work will continue through the winter and spring. Help bring it home! We need your donation to make sure the new building is complete and ready to go in June 2014!



  • Danielle Christensen"...because working here gives me the ability to change people’s lives; that’s a gift you can’t buy.”
  • Maureen Davis
    "...because I wanted to do something meaningful. I am passionate about this type of work."
  • Lisa Manville"...because I wanted to expand my nursing career and work somewhere where what I do actually matters."
  • Andrew Starkey

    "...because I’ve always had a strong desire to assist others who need someone in their corner.”
  • LaSal Jordan
    "...because Horizons gives opportunities to people with developmental disabilities in all aspects of their life, promoting hard work and success."
  • Burns Ciara"...because I want to be part of something bigger."

  • Engborg Steven
    “...because it's a unique group I share a common goal with, to create relationships that positively affect people’s lives.”
  • Seth Grunwald
    "...because I love to help others and gain experience in all fields."
  • Ronnette McDonald SL
    "...because I am excited to be a part of something so meaningful to the lives of others.”
  • Chuck Sauer"...because I want the opportunity to interact with people and help them on a daily basis.”

  • KELLY TORF2"...because they use positive programming and the support is individualized."

  • Priscilla Arriaga"...because of the opportunity  to grow and the chance to work with others and learn."
  • Aaron Zambarano Dec 2012
    “...because I like the idea of feeling good about what I’ve done at the end of the day."
  • Daniel Sgro
    "...because I like to do work which helps people expand and enrich their lives.”

  • Britta

    "...because everyone’s great. I have learned a lot working here.”
  • Jamie Salvatore
    “...because I want to help make a difference.”
  • Nicholas Green
    "...because I want to make a difference in people’s lives and help them out."
  • Elizabeth Darney
    "...because the individuals that you get to spend your time with and support are rewarding, inspirational and amazing.”

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