Mission in Action

  • kq potteryARTIST AT WORK

    Kerri Quirk is well-known as a painter. Lately, together with SL coach Heather Holden, Kerri's been learning to make ceramics at Middletown Pottery. More about Kerri and her remarkable creativity HERE.


    Horizons has been deeply engaged in the advocacy process during the new legislative session in Hartford. To learn more about the latest DDS budget cuts and how you can help raise awareness in this struggle for I/DD rights, CLICK HERE.


    Visitors and staff alike (like Patti and Margo) are raving about the new look of the Horizons Program Center lobby. Drop by and see for yourself!

  • JamesOliverAdvocacy in Action

    James Oliver, Horizons Transition Education Specialist, spoke to the State General Assembly's Transportation Committee recently.



    The weather outside's been frightful! Temps may be low but spirits remain high all winter long at Horizons.


  • Storyline7smallYoung Artists at Kerri Gallery

    One of everybody's favorite events each year is the STORYLINE show.

    CLICK HERE for more.

  • DAV 4227The Gift of Giving

    'Tis the giving season, and that means SEO paid a visit to the No Freeze Shelter in Willimantic...MORE HERE

Supported Living


Supported Employment & Options


Educational Support Services


Kerri Art Studio & Gallery


Thank You


Yoga at Kerri Gallery


CoLoR UnCoRkEd - Uncork your creative side!


Book tickets online at www.kerriquirk.com/coloruncorked/
Location: Kerri ArtStudio and Gallery, 861 Main St, Willimantic, CT 06226


  • Burns Ciara"...because I want to be part of something bigger."

  • Chuck Sauer"...because I want the opportunity to interact with people and help them on a daily basis.”
  • Elizabeth Darney
     "...because the individuals that you get to spend your time with and support are rewarding, inspirational and amazing.”
  • Jamie Salvatore“...because I want to help make a difference.”
  • LaSal Jordan
     "...because Horizons gives opportunities to people with developmental disabilities in all aspects of their life, promoting hard work and success."
  • Nicholas Green
     "...because I want to make a difference in people’s lives and help them out."
  • Ronnette McDonald SL
     "...because I am excited to be a part of something so meaningful to the lives of others.”
  • Seth Grunwald"...because I love to help others and gain experience in all fields."
  • Aaron Zambarano Dec 2012“...because I like the idea of feeling good about what I’ve done at the end of the day."
  • Jessica Orange"...because there is a great sense of community and I am excited to be a part of it."

  • Jason Williams"...because Horizons' person-centered philosophy is second to none. I can think of no other place I'd rather work."
  • Rachel Macdonald"...because I wanted the opportunity to meet new people and form new relationships."
  • Kelly Holden
    "...because I admire the work they do on an individual and community basis."
  • Megan Barbour
    "...because I want a more meaningful and fulfilling job and the chance to work with people with different needs.”
  • Ed Adelman"...because, after 30 years as a special ed teacher, it gives me the chance to continue working closely with people to help them be successful ."
  • vanessa ortiz
    "...because I've worked at other jobs that have not been fulfilling. Horizons is a genuine place of care and I want to be a part of it."
  • Roger Roberge
    "... because I had the opportunity to see the pride people showed in what they were doing & I said to myself, That’s a company I want to be a part of."
  • Blanca Alejo de Peralta
    "...because Horizons treats their employees with professionalism. And the best part is that Horizons is making a positive change in people's lives."
  • Anna Caruso
    "...because I was drawn to the energy. I am able to utilize all my talents to help reveal the talents and gifts of others.”
  • Steve
    "...because it is an incredible organization that changes the lives of everybody involved.”
  • sean
    “...because I want to continue to serve individuals with disabilities in my new hometown.
  • ru
    "...because it is a diverse organization open to individuals from different cultures as well as those with different disabilities."
  • rachel
    "...because I’m a giver and believe that there is more happiness in giving than receiving.
  • monica
    “...because Horizons has provided me with experience that has changed my life."
  • michele
    “...because If given the right tools everyone can be successful."
  • Liza
    "...because I was looking for a career, one in which I would feel rewarded and I was making a difference in someone’s daily life.”
  • lilia
     "...because I like the way the interests of staff and individuals are matched to create successful bonds."

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