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Vacation Week - December 27 - January 1

Once Upon a Vacation Week!

In a faraway land, deep in the countryside, at the top of a quiet rolling hill, a magical kingdom awaits. And every year after Santa returns to the North Pole and Jack Frost takes the reins of the winter season, this magical kingdom comes to life. They say that delicious smells waft from the great hall, a fireplace warms the coldest of nights, and laughter can be heard echoing among the snow banks as this magical kingdom prepares for their New Year’s celebration. Visitors from the Emerald City, Mount Olympus, Shrek’s Swamp, Hogwarts, Neverland, and more arrive during the week as every corner of the kingdom comes to-gether to toast the new year during this most splendid and fantastic occasion. So, if you have a wisp of a dream, and know things are more than they seem, than join us in the place where magic goes beyond just the theme. 


NEW YEARS EVE: Come for the most incredibly indulgent extravaganza to ring in 2020! Get together with friends, dress to impress, sit down to a five course meal, casino games, and get the last dance of 2019 in before.... We raise our glasses for a midnight toast and we’ll break out the noise makers to ring in 2020 together!! 

*please call to reserve your spot if waiting for State Grant money


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