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January 17 - 19

Not Your Usual Musical

No matter what your tune, come and be a part of the music! Step in front of the crowd and prepare for opening night by designing your own playbill collage, singing your favorite opening numbers, and nailing your own creative chore-ography! Get your head in the game and step up to help your team win the “name that show tune” trivia contest! You can’t stop the beat and once you arrive, you won’t want to! 


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January 31 - February 2

Up to Snow Good

As the snow trickles down and covers the land, someone is up to no good as they carefully plan. 

A devious deed that could make things quite tough, for those up Babcock Hill Rd at the peak of the bluff. 

So we are calling all campers! All good-hearted souls! Make your way now to camp as the mystery unfolds. 

We’ll be hot on the trail, like sleuthing bloodhounds, and we’ll solve every clue that we find here on grounds. 

Whether a puzzle, a riddle, or misguided trick, we’ll decipher them all and save the day quick! 

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February 14 - 16 (17)*

Ten Things I Like About You....Monday for Me

1. You’re super awesome. 

2. Your laugh is contagious. 

3. When you come to camp, I feel like my best friend is back! 

4, 5, 6. You show me what you’ve made, and show me how to do it too, and then help me along the way. 

7, 8. You are a fantastic chef. And this weekend we’re making Rice Krispie Treats! 

9. Games are more fun when I play them with you. 

10. Your selfie game is on point! 

Monday for ME 

February 17 

Good vibes, good times, and great friends. I’m right where I need to be. 

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February 28 - March 1

Open Mic Night

No preparation needed. All acts are welcome! Comedy, Music, Poetry, Skits, Dance, or even just a message that you feel needs to be amplified across the airwaves. Bring it. Turn it up. Share what you care and listen to what oth-ers have to say too. Enjoy crafting a delectable honey pie to appetize on and add a little color to your act by artisti-cally interpreting every note with paint. Our platform, your passion. See you at Horizons. 

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March 13 - 15

VIP Weekend (Very Irish Persons)

We’re rolling out the green carpet this weekend and you’re invited as a VIP! 
When Irish eyes are smiling, like they do at Camp Horizons, We’ll be mashing up colcannon, or crafting rainbow pins. When Irish hearts are happy, all the world seems bright and gay, We’ll all dance a jig, wear a Leprechaun wig, and be laughing all the way 

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March 27 - 29

Dynamic Duos

Tom and Jerry! Bert and Ernie! Chips and Dip! We’re doing things two by two this weekend and there really isn’t a better pair than YOU and CAMP! Whether you root for Bugs Bunny or Elmer Fudd, find a favorite friend and gear up for our synchronized dance-off! Then, come up with your own teams of two and make a matching game to take home and play with your better half. Whatever you do this weekend, do it TWO it! 

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April 3 - 5

5 Spring "Train"ing

All aboard the Springtime Express! Warm up with the weather by working on the railroad and building the next excit-ing portion of the Horizons model train set. And with baseball season starting up, we’ll get out onto the field for a few innings too. We’re chugging along and singing a song about the fun we have at camp. Break out your baseball bats, your favorite caps, and with your team become the champs! 

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April 17 - 19

The Greatest Showman - The Zac Efron Story

Rewrite the stars and relive the wonder that is Zac Efron. Experience Efron from his first silver screen appearance in the cult classic Firefly, to his knockout performance in The Greatest Showman. Sing along with High School Musical and practice your slow-motion run as you perform as his Baywatch co-star. Give your counselor a Zac Attack make-over and see who can really work that Hairspray 

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May 1 - 3

Nights Filled with Fun, Days in the Sun

Great things to do with friends like you! Make some lemonade, paint using the sun’s rays, and spark up our first campfire of 2020 as we kick off our countdown to Summer! Everything we do will be in true camp spirit as we reunite with old friends, make a few new ones, and find the things we really love about ourselves along the way. We’ll laugh with pride and take a walk outside! We’ll dance and sing and more, towards new horizons soar! Shout loud! 

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