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Are you an employer?

hdS.E.O. is an excellent resource for employers with staffing needs. In collaboration with more than a dozen school systems, forty-plus area businesses, the Department of Developmental Services and the Bureau of Rehabilitation Services, SEO has been putting workers and employers together since 1985.

Let us help you find, hire, train & retain new employees.

  • We develop community partnerships with employers looking to increase their workforce.
  • We can alleviate your hiring & training costs.
  • We can supplement your existing training program with new employee orientation.
  • We can help you improve staff morale. 
  • We can help you free up current employees for other tasks. 
  • We can help you tackle jobs you never seem to find the time to get to.
  • We focus on matching an individual's skill set and interests to your needs.
  • Hires can become long term loyal employees.The employers with whom we partner report improved customer relations and an increase in business. If you are looking for reliable, eager employees to diversify your workforce we may be able to help.
  • Our services are routinely recognized as some of the best in the industry.


You have questions, feedback or want to commission a project?
Give us a shout, tweet us, send us a smoke signal or drop by our offices.

Address:127 Babcock Hill Rd,South Windham, CT06266 | Mailing Address:P.O. Box 323South Windham, CT06266 | Phone numbers:(860)456-1032 | Fax:(860)456-4721

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