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Summer Camp & Weekends in the Country

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    Pool Party
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    Key Lime Pie Time
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    New Years Eve Selfie
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    “Reel” Fishing Fun
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    Welcome Aboard
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    Tall in the Saddle
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    Competent Crafter
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    Field Day Focus
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Over 90% of our campers return year after year and the reason is clear. The powerful, positive, life changing experience of Horizons is focused on each camper’s gifts and talents.

Time at Horizons fosters:

• A Spirit of Success
• Self- Reliance and Confidence
• An Eagerness to Try New Things
• Connections with Friends
• Engagement and Quality Interactions

Summer Camp & Weekends in the Country are offered at the Horizons Campus in South Windham, Connecticut. All activities are tailor made for children and adults with developmental disabilities and other special needs over the age of 8. During the summer a special Masters Program is offered for campers over the age of 40.

The staff at Horizons are passionate about what they do and are chosen for their proven abilities. They receive a six-day orientation, ongoing professional development, and regular support from an experienced, hands-on Leadership Team.

The spacious, exquisitely designed Milne Family Commons is the central gathering place: to enjoy healthy meals from a kitchen able to cater to special diets, to shop at the trendy Horizons Trading post, and to join together to celebrate accomplishments.

Summer Camp is offered for eight weeks each summer in June, July and August. There are two and four week sessions with the opportunity to attend for eight weeks in total.

Days are filled with swimming, horseback riding, fitness, drama, pioneering, music, dance, language arts, boating, physical education, art, crafts and more. Evenings are time for dances, talent nights and campfires.

The Horizons campus features acres of trees and open space, a waterfront and sandy beach, a handicapped accessible, heated pool, a horseback riding ring with an authentic tack house, and a woodworking and pottery barn.

Campers and Camp Counselors bunk together in comfortable, air-conditioned cabins surrounded by charming landscaping, scenic rock walls and groomed pathways.

“It’s the place to see the friends you wait to see all year.”

Summer Weekend Divider

Weekends in the Country are offered from September to May. Each action-packed weekend is designed around a contemporary, engaging, seasonal theme. Campers arrive on Friday evening and return home Sunday afternoon.

Sixteen uniquely themed weekends are offered through the year along with an extended Vacation Week offered between Christmas and New Years. 

Every “Weekend in the Country” camper enjoys the same variety, camaraderie and opportunities for learning offered at Summer Camp only in a more intimate, joyful two- day span.

“Weekends in the Country are a great chance to recharge, celebrate your birthday or just get away to have fun!”


Get Acquainted with Summer Camp from HorizonsCT on Vimeo.


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